Is All Natural Face Creams Better Than the Rest?

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When I started researching this article, I was almost immediately overwhelmed with the sheer number of products, especially in the natural face cream niche. The problem with a lot of the products that I found was they were using ingredients that were too harsh for my skin and made my face dry. What’s worse, some of the ingredients could actually cause damage to my skin, so I had to constantly change products. To make things worse, I used those products for several months before finally deciding to give up creams altogether. I’ve now become a natural face cream convert and only use all natural face creams.

What I discovered was organic products containing only the finest ingredients that my skin needs. Not only did I notice less dryness after using these organic products (which gave me more time to treat myself), but I noticed a huge difference in the way my skin felt. There is actually a chemical in some popular cream that has been proven to cause a wide variety of allergies, rashes, headaches, and even depression! This chemical is known as diphenyl picrylhydrazyl, or DHP.

This chemical makes many creams and lotions smell good, but it also clogs your pores, which leads to breakouts and acne. If you don’t want your face smelling like a dead rat, then steer clear of any cream or lotion with DHP. Luckily, I’d discovered a company that uses only all natural face creams with no DHP, because their products are free of all this bad stuff.

Organic face creams are much more effective in treating wrinkles and fine lines. A good organic cream will have several key ingredients. Eyeliss is one such ingredient, which can help to reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes. Another key ingredient is called CynergyTK, and it’s actually taken from the wool of sheep. Eyeliss and CynergyTK will also increase the amount of collagen and elastin your skin has. These are the two building blocks of healthy skin, so it makes sense that if they are going to do any good, they’re going to boost collagen and elastin production.

Other important ingredients in organic face creams may include aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. All of these ingredients are good for moisturizing and soothing your skin. However, it’s not common to find an all natural cream containing jojoba oil, because it’s such a highly scented oil. Most companies just want to use it because it’s cheap. If you really want an all natural face cream that is effective, then look for one that contains jojoba oil or aloe vera. These two ingredients are just as good for moisturizing as other oils, but they do not irritate sensitive skin.

The last area where all natural skincare products differ from regular skincare products is that many of them contain antioxidants. This may sound like an odd combination, but antioxidants are extremely important for our health. They fight off free radicals that can cause a number of health problems, including cancer.

Unfortunately, some companies use the wrong types of ingredients in their products. For example, you’ll often see a cream that contains “organic” compounds at the bottom. Organic compounds don’t mean good, natural stuff. In fact, they are often the worst ingredients you’ll ever find in a face cream. Some of the worst ingredients include parabens, alcohols, mineral oils, fragrances, and dioxanes.

It’s important that you pick natural face creams that contain the ingredients mentioned in this article. You need to avoid anything with alcohols or mineral oil, as these are the worst ingredients you should be looking for. You also want to look for creams that are made with Shea butter. This is a natural emollient that moisturizes without clogging your pores. It also heals your skin and creates an invisible barrier that keeps dirt and grime out.